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      FP-2560 Dry Sander - Support Equipment - Finish-Pro

      FP-2560 Dry Sander - Support Equipment - Finish-Pro

      One Year Industrial Parts Warranty ISO 9001 Double or Triple Head available

      Finish Pro Model P-2560 Dry Sanders are a mid-sized finishing machine at a great price. Finish Pro is an established high quality machine line that has served the fabrication industry for 23 years. Finish Pro manufactures 12 sizes of dry and wet graining and deburring machines. Wet dust collectors can be purchased with our finishing, deburring and graining machines. Equipment is located in Los Angeles, California.

      Optional Accessories
      > DC3 (3 hp) Wet Dust Collector
      Wet dust collectors use a water filled tank through which all grinding dust is pulled by a motor driven impeller
      fan. Particles sink to the base of the tank where they can easily be removed by raking into a provided
      container. Normal tap water is used, there are not filter bags to be changed. Water level is automatically
      controlled when unit is connected to a water supply. All units are equipped with explosion relief door and
      sound silencer.
      > Heavy Duty Ducting Package

      > Total amps 45 @ 230/3/60
      > Compressed air required: 2 CFM @ 90 PSI

      If fire hazardous materials, such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, etc., are to be processed, a dust collection system that conforms to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) should be used.

      Wet Dust Collectors

      Wet dust collection systems offer more safe and efficient method for collection of hazardous grinding/sanding/cutting dust generated by a variety of processes.

      "Clean, Quality Finishing"

      Standard Features

      > Motorized Table Lift, with digital readout
      > Variable Speed Conveyor
      > Conveyor Forward & Reverse
      > Belt Safety Overtravel Switches
      > Electronic Eye Belt Tracking. Belt tracking adjusting lever (Belt Trimmer) to re-adjust the tracking system when running extremely out of parallel belts
      > 4-Jackscrew Table Support
      > Double Infeed & Outfeed Pinch Rolls with protective guards

      > Conveyor Belt Tracking System
      > Safety System with Disc Brake. Air operated disc brakes to stop sanding head in 3-5 seconds in the even of loss of air pressure or activation of any emergency stop device
      > Table Height Digital Readout
      > Load Meter indicates percentage of full motor loads
      > Belt change door electrically interlocked for safety purpose
      > Air tensioning of belt for accurate tensioning & compensation of belt stretch
      > Quick release sanding head support for fast belt change
      > Dust collection hood with 4" outlet is located adjacent to abrasive head in sanding area
      > Emergency stops from almost any point
      > Noise level bellows 80 dba
      > Operation manual, control tags, danger signs, and warning labels in English on machine
      > 208/230, 3-Phase
      > One year Industrial Warranty for parts

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      * Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.
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