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      4 x 4

      $994 monthly
      6 x 3

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      6 x 4

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      10 x 6 Water Jet Cutter - Granite buster - 4 Axis -Yaskawa Servos - Factory Service - Water Jet - Caldwell-Machinery



      *Based on payment estimator

      10 x 6 Water Jet Cutter - Granite buster - 4 Axis -Yaskawa Servos  - Factory Service - Water Jet - Caldwell-Machinery

      The Granite Buster!

      Affordable Quality

      • Onsite Installation and Training
      • Online Support and Resources
      • Factory Service - One Year Warranty
      • Tax Savings!!


      The 10 x 6 Water Jet 4 axis system includes the following:

      • 50HP high pressure pump. (working pressure 55kpsi)?
      • Cutting table working range 10 x 6?
      • PC based controller and software with USB port?
      • Z-axis programmable?
      • One set of high pressure tubing?
      • One 4-axis cutting head with an orifice?
      • One nozzle?
      • One dust guard?
      • One abrasive feed tube?
      • One abrasive valve?
      • One set of tool kits

      Details CE Certificate ISO 9001: Certificate Matches Multiple Cutting Heads, Professional Waterjet CNC System and Following Device System.?

      We are not only able to offer reliable products, but also to provide highly appreciative value proposition. While the same water jet platform cost hundreds thousands dollars more, our reliable products cost 30 to 60% less than the competitors water jet platforms.?

      We sincerely invite you to come and see our products and let us give your company a price quotation.

      Ten reasons why you should purchase!

      1. Complete System: intensifier, table, control, software, and auto abrasive feeder system
      2. Selection of table Size: (4 x 4) (6 x 4) (8 x 4)(10 x 6)(12 x 6) special needs can be designed
      3. You can use DXF files and NC code support with Auto CAD DXF export
      4. A 50HP high pressure redundant intensifier. (working pressure 55k psi) Cut 2 inches of titanium!
      5. Factory service with on sight installation and training
      6. Spare parts are in stock or easily located in the marketplace
      7. One Year Warranty, we strive to have a two business hour turnaround time for all routine technical issues.
      8. Flexibility in Manufacturing, You will be able to cut: Aluminum sheets, stainless, inconel, composites, stone, foam, glass, plastic, leather, tile, paper, food, rubber and many others.
      9. Operating cost: Hourly machine cost ranges from $19 per hour with the small head (0.010/0.030) and up to $35 per hour for the large cutting head(0.016/0.040) It does not include labor, lease, and depreciation.
      10. Accept DXF file created by AutoCAD and Solidworks, it can work for other cam software but it needs to be confirmed prior to purchase.

      Intensifier Pump: 50HP - 55kpsi ?(Redundant Pump Optional)

      • Eliminate Down Time
      • The 50HP motor is made by Siemens.
      • The oil pump is made by Rexroth.
      • The high pressure cylinder is made by Hypertherm.
      • Max. Water discharge at 55,000psi : 3.8L/min
      • Max. Diameter of orifice at 55,000psi: .014Max. Operating pressure: 55,000psi
      • Continuous operating pressure: 55,000psi
      • Power requirement: 480V/60HZ/3phase ? 100 - Amp
      • Electronic shift

      CNC Control System

      With our easy to use controller, software and precision cutting system nearly anyone can make accurate parts.?

      • Includes Industrial Personal Computer control Windows XP?
      • Includes Specialized Waterjet Cutting Graphics Software and diagnostics?
      • DXF files and NC code support with AutoCAD DXF export?
      • 17 inch LCD for better look and feel
        network ready for operator and designer to share files?
      • Nesting (Optional)
        forward and backward cutting function you can avoid pump shut down time which preserves work and integrity?
      • Steady speed control function?
      • Subsection processing Model and Smooth Processing Model?
      • Automatic Speed Processing Function for Small Arcs?
      • Repeat Cutting Function
      • Power Outage Coordination Recovery Function
      • Dual Speed Variation Function?
      • Pause Function and Variable Starting Function

      4 Axis Cutting

      The main benefit of a four axis cutting head is to compensate taper, and to make the finished it completely vertical through the fourth axis.
      This specially engineered cutting head has perform remote markedly in many cutting feels and reducing the processing cost of increased operating efficiency.
      It has a maximum limit of 10 degree angle with the rotational accuracy of 0.01 degrees.

      For taper compensation, the distance between the cutting head and the surface of the work piece must be maintained with high accuracy.
      The height positioning accuracy of the four axis is 0.01 mm positioning cutting accuracy. 0.1 mm, which can easily meet various cutting requirements.

      In the marble matching process, water jet cutting with a four axis cutting head design is simply amazing.
      When the angle of the cutting head reaches 4 degrees, the finished edge shows tremendous improvement.
      As can be seen from this picture, there is no gap between the two joint services. Hence a secondary polishing procedure is no longer required.
      Thereby, it increases working efficiency and reduces the production cost.

      With this improved four axis dynamic cutting head design. Marble matching is no longer a difficult technique.
      It has made the traditionally complex marble matching an easy job.

      The same methodology is also applicable in glass straight hole drilling. As an example, when piercing holes in the glass.
      It is not necessary to decrease the cutting speed in order to get straight holes.
      The ideal effect can be achieved without changing cutting speed, and that is highly beneficial!

      Optional Second Cutting Head

      Feeder and Automatic Abrasive Feeding System

      • Self-feeding Control.
      • Air Valve to prevent jams and breakages.
      • Self-sealing.

      Servos and Motors

      Competitive Advantages

      1. A one-year warranty?
      2. Spare parts are in stock or easily located in the marketplace?
      3. Factory service, installation and training?
      4. DXF files and NC code support with AutoCAD DXF export?
      5. We strive to have a two business hour turn around time for all routine technical issues?
      6. Some special technical issues may require video conferencing, engaging with our business partners.?
      7. We aim to have these types of issues resolved within eight business hours.?
      8. For the most challenging technical issues, our technical personnel will be on site within 24 business hours.?
      9. The bridge frame of cutting platform has dual motors, dual direction, double post control and synchronize system for logical structure, high rigidity and smooth transition.

      More Water Jet Listings

      * Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.
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      • Free Application Analysis:
      • Test Cuts
      • Time Study
      • 2000 lbs Free Garnet**
      • $1000 worth of spare parts**
      • Tax savings Section 179 guidance

      Call 800-984-4540

      **with waterjet purchase  

      CA Guarantee

      "We will do everything we can to ensure that your company will grow and be successful"

      Melvin Caldwell
      30+ years experience in machine tools
      Phone: (800) 984-4540   Fax: (815) 642-4064     
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