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      4 x 4

      $994 monthly
      6 x 3

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      6 x 4

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      8 x 4

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      Hydraulic Lifter - Water Jet - Caldwell-Machinery

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      Hydraulic Lifter - Water Jet - Caldwell-Machinery

       Machine does the Lifting: Hydraulic lifter: This platform can flip upwards. Thus, this movement allows the operator to have flexibility to load and unload materials.
      Hydraulic flip waterjet cutting machine is one of the latest style machines which combines the assemble of both glass semi-automatic loading and CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet. This machine has the same advantages of glass semi-automatic working. This machine reduces the broken rate during operation, less manual labor, and increases work efficiency.This machine processes wearing parts.

      • Section 179 tax savings
      • Financial review for credit approval
      • 2000 lbs of garnet with purchase
      • $1,000 credit towards consumables
      Ten reasons why you should purchase! 
      1. Complete System:  intensifier, table, control, software, and auto abrasive feeder system  
      2. Selection of table Size: (3 x 6)(4 x4) (4 x 8)(6 x 10)(6 x 13) design your own
      3. You can use DXF files and NC code support with Auto CAD DXF export
      4.  A 50HP high pressure intensifier. (working pressure 55k psi)  Cut 2 inches of titanium!
      5. Factory service with on sight installation and training
      6. Spare parts are in stock or easily located in the marketplace
      7. One year Warranty, we strive to have a two  business hour turnaround time for all routine  technical issues.  
      8. Flexibility in Manufacturing, You will be able to cut: Aluminum sheets, stainless, iconel, composites, stone, foam, glass, plastic, leather, tile, paper, food, rubber and many others.
      9. Operating cost:  Hourly machine cost ranges from $19 per hour with the small head (0.010/0.030) and up to $35 per hour for the large cutting head(0.016/0.040) It does not include labor, lease, and depreciation. 
      10. Affordable 4 and 5 axis Models 

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      * Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.
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      • Free Application Analysis:
      • Test Cuts
      • Time Study
      • 2000 lbs Free Garnet**
      • $1000 worth of spare parts**
      • Tax savings Section 179 guidance

      Call 800-984-4540

      **with waterjet purchase  

      CA Guarantee

      "We will do everything we can to ensure that your company will grow and be successful"

      Melvin Caldwell
      30+ years experience in machine tools
      Phone: (800) 984-4540   Fax: (815) 642-4064     
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